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Video: Why Did The Buck Cross The River?

Why did the buck cross the river?

It was looking for “change” – you know buck as in $1 and change as in quarters…

We’ll stick to our day jobs – comedy is clearly not our calling.

Anyway, Captain Billy was coming up the Salt River when something caught his eye off in the distance. Billy being the good ole home grown country boy that he is only needed a spilt second to realize that what he was seeing was in fact a buck swimming right across the river - a 4 point buck at that. He slowed down the airboat and told the guests aboard to get their cameras out because this was going to be quite the photo op!

We can never guarantee what you will or won't see on our airboat tours because let us be honest - the best views and experiences of Mother Nature are when it’s purely natural!

The most beautiful

gift of nature is

that it gives one

pleasure to look

around and try to

comprehend what we


-Albert Einstein

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