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Unexplained & Unexplored (ep6)

Mystery of the American Maya

OZELLO BOATS & RIVER ADVENTURE TOURS got to be a part of unfolding history as we made a HUGE discovery with the team from the TV show, Unexplained & Unexplored. While guiding the hosts of the show through parts of Florida including our own backyard here in Crystal River we discovered ancient canoes and the biggest find was an actual Mayan Pyramid right here in Citrus County! With our incredible findings, it proves there was an actual Mayan civilizations hundreds of years ago which was always a theory but we got to help prove it!

Watch the full episode below and find out what our very own, Captain Billy and Captain Gary has to say about their experience during this amazing discovery!

"I knew going into this, it would be one of our greatest adventures but I had no clue that what we would find would actually change history! I'm so proud of our team for going above and beyond to make this happen."

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Capt. Billy

"I always wondered how these TV shows worked and was curious if they were real or not... This experience made me a believer to the fullest. The discoveries we made can't be faked and never in my life did I think I would be apart of changing history."

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