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Watch Video of Alligator Jumping in Airboat!!!

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Alligators like airboat rides too! In south Florida a gator jumped into an airboat while it was stopped. This is why we do not stop too close to the wildlife we see on our tours!

While a Minnesota couple was vacationing in Florida, they decided to go on an airboat tour. This was one they certainly won't forget as a gator ended up leaping into their airboat, all while they caught it on camera! Luckily, no one (including the alligator), got hurt. During the tour the captain shut off the engine so the passengers could see the alligators, but ended up a little too close. As seen in the video below, the gator leaped into the airboat and got stuck in the railing. The passengers said that they were not necessarily afraid of the alligator, after they saw it was just trying to get back into the water, but worried that the alligator wouldn't be able to get himself out of the railing. Luckily, after a little wiggling, the gator was able to squirm himself out of the railing and back into the water!

This is one of the prime reasons on our tours we do not get too close to the wildlife in the area. We do our best to let our passengers witness all the animals they can, but at a comfortable distance. We want to not only maintain safety for our passengers, but also the animals!

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