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Another Florida Man Headliner

We've all read, heard, or maybe even personally experienced some pretty crazy Florida Man stories and while the one we've got for you today isn't quite as intense as the Florida Man who drove a stolen Ferrari 360 into the ocean at top speed (another story for another time) this Florida Man is defiantly the rookie boat owner of THE YEAR!! Today our Florida Man stopped at his local 7-Eleven store to top off his 24-foot deck boat with fuel... little did he know that he had mistakenly inserted the fuel nozzle into a rod holder and started pumping away! So here he is pumping fuel (hopefully this rookie remembered to use non-ethanol) right into the deck of his boat and literally had know idea! Eventually he realized his $60.00 mistake and immediately turned the pump off. To make matters worse fuel began to leak from the boat onto the ground making a big mess and creating quite a scene - like a level 3 hazmat scene!!! The fire department was contacted and a technical rescue team was sent out to siphon the remaining fuel out of the deck of the boat and to also clean up the fuel that leaked out underneath the boat. Officials reported that the potential of hazard was high but was situation was taken care of quickly and efficiently! This Florida Man might be the only Florida Man who made it in to the headlines without an elaborate arrest story! So just to humor you we attached a link to the Top 14 Florida Man Stories that are bound to give you a good chuckle or maybe even make ya say WTF! All in all, I'm sure most of you have made a mistake once or twice in your boating history. So that being said....

Florida Man, we're not laughing at you we're just laughing with you!!

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