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        Ozello Boats Famous Air Boat Adventures !

               World Famous Captain Tim Airboat Tours Leaving Daily from the 

                                           St Martins Outpost Marina 

       On the Beautiful WORLD FAMOUS Ozello Trail in Crystal River Florida. 


We are the ONLY Tour Agency operating in and on the St Martins Aquatic Marsh Preserve! this Amazing landscape was once inhabited by some of the Largest Dinosaurs on our planet and Sea Grass Gardens that are Nothing short of Amazing  is still in the same condition it has been for thousands of years. 

Recently Named Top 10 Pristine Eco Systems in the Country - the area we operate in is as Unique as the Information you will learn . The drive in is amazing and has been the back drop to Movies and Photographers since the 50s. 

On your tour you may encounter -Dolphins - Eagles - Rays - Great White Pelicans -Sharks - Turtles and thousands of other birds- visit ancient native American burial mounds. 

The Most Important part of our tours is to teach and inform everyone of the importance of Sea Grasses and Mangroves and their Vital Role in our Eco Sytem . 

The oldest living organism on this planet is 640 million year old  , our sponge gardens are of the most Unique and rare in the Country . 

Travel at speeds up to 60mph on a 700hp Corvette powered Performance Air Boat thru Amazing Pathways- Up Rivers - over inches of water - then rip on out to the Gulf of Mexico to see the Rare Ozello Keys and the Unique Mangrove Slides. 

Our Air boats can Accommodate wheel chairs and all handicaps with a United States Coast Guard Professionally Trained and Certified Captain on Board. 

This is NOT a Boring Swamp tour ride! NO BUGS and No Backwoods Ancient Unsafe AIR BOATS! We operate the Safest and Most Advanced Air Boats in the World. Our tours are Unique. You wont see another boat or anything but amazing views.  We are the only Tour Agency operating in the Aquatic Preserve. No one can offer the views or the Excitement and Information Captain Tim provides. 

We Do Not Operate in the Swamp . No Boring Gators ! We offer Excitement Way Way Way Beyond boring Swamp rides thru stinky bug ridden swamps. 

Our Performance Search And Rescue Airboat is an Ocean Fairing Vessel . You will see Prehistoric Springs and Back Wood Hammocks on your way to Crystal Clear Oceans and Reefs in the middle of Rare Mangrove Keys.  Visit Coral and Springs caves while enjoying 85 degree waters. 

This is Not a leave the dock -ride- then hurry back to the dock tour agency !!!!

We offer not only -Unique Views -We offer an Educational Experience! 

 Captain Tim and Captain Fletch have Combed over Books from the 1800s Met with Ecologists and have taken accounts from the locals and have compiled a massive amount of history of the local waters and landscapes. They are Locals and live on the island they operate on . 

Read our Google Reviews and make your Reservation Today !!! 352-228-8095


  •       ECO / ADVENTURE Airboat Tour: 1 hour $50

  • Extended ECO / ADVENTURE Airboat Tour 1:30 minutes $70

  • (3 person minimum)  
  • 3 person basically means the boat must make $162.00 to leave the dock . We can have 1 - 2 - 3 people on board but we must meet a $162.00 minimum.
  • We have the safety equipment and the ability to take Small Children and Handicapped Customers. 
  • We Offer Discounts for children 5 and under as long as we meet the $162.00 minimum. After 3 person minimum is met we offer a discount for children under the age of 5 .
  • 352-228-8095
  • 7 person maximum per Boat !
  • We can Accommodate Larger Groups but we suggest One on One Interaction with Captain Tim - Private and Semi Private Tours.   

  • Please Call 352-228-8095 to schedule. 
  • We prefer to do Reservations Over The Phone To Have One On One Contact With Our Customers. 
  • These Tours are Completely Different Than All Others !!! 
  • Our Tours are Guided Personal Learning Experiences with a Emphasis on the Ocean Grasses and Springs . Visits with Dolphins . Hands on Interactions with Live Sponge and Coral.
  •  Disembark the Air Boat in Pristine 85 degree waters on Natural Beaches 2 miles out into the Gulf Of Mexico.
  •  Visit Islands and Civil War Sites _ This is Not  A Common Tour _ This is an Adventure !!!!!!

  • Pristine Crystal Clear Waters  _ 640 million year old Sponge _ fire and Head Corals Gardens _ Cave Fissures with Unknown Depths _ 60 mph sideways Over Land Scare the Heck Out of YA Grass Slides _ Dolphins _ manatees...
  • This Is Not any Average O Tour  !  
  • Please Read our Google Reviews, 
Ozello Boats Famous Air Boat Adventures 
2355 s Ripple Path Crystal River Florida