Coastal Airboat Tour

Ozello Boats offers Airboat Tours. Boarding at our launch conveniently located at Ozello Boats Marina, going into the St. Martins River, continuing out into the Gulf of Mexico, stopping at the St. Martins Keys for a brief look at the native underwater life in crystal clear shallow waters.

These Airboat tours are a full hour of excitement and natural beauty. In the hands of our experienced captain, you get a thrilling ride and experience nature. There is also the chance to see dolphins, manatees, sharks, sea turtles, and other native wildlife!


  • Coastal Airboat Tour: 1 hour
  • Extended Coastal Airboat Tour 1:30 hour
  • Three person minimum
  • Six person maximum


  • Depending on the conditions, you can have a say for the return trip!
  • It can take you into the Homosassa and Salt Rivers, giving you and your family a look at the real untouched Florida.
  • See some of historic island homes and the creeks that feed the rivers! Appreciate history in a natural way, that inspires awe.