The Most Amazing Adventures in Florida

Posted at 7:39 am on 01/02/2018 by Captain Tim
Hi I am Captain Tim from Ozello Boats Famous AirBoat Adventures.
We provide a Unique Experience Being the only Tour Agency Allowed to Operate in the St Martins Aquatic Marsh Preserve. 
Our tours are extremely Different than all the other simply because we use the Most Expensive and Safest Airboats in Florida . Our Tour Boats are 700 Horsepower Near new Coast Guard Inspected Sport Touring Boats . We only carry 7 customers at a time Unlike some of the other that carry 30 people. 
Our tours are More Private and Exciting than others. 

We also Do Not Operate in a swamp or any Bug Loaded areas. We never encounter Bugs or anything like the others do . 
Swamp airboat tours are Not only Boring they are Unsafe and Incapable of going out onto the ocean . 
Swamp Airboats have had some horrible publicity lately with accidents and bad business transactions.
Our Tours are NOTHING like boring swamp tours!

National Geographic named our particular area as the Top 10 Pristine Eco systems left in the United States. 
We operate a Eco Friendly airboat in the most rare and unique locations in the country !!!! That is kinna a big deal. 

Read our Google reviews and it is easy to see we are something Unique and Amazing !

I wanna thank all the people that have left me amazing reviews and have come out with us . 

You can train a robot to perform tasks --- Character and the Ability to make people laugh and learn is something You Will Not get out of every Captain . I personally have been on local airboat tours and can tell you this- I am RARE and Different , it is like i was made for this Career . 
I went to local airboat tours to gain some knowledge and information and found very quickly that all the other are Not in Any Way Explaining the area or having fun , its a get on the boat then get off kinna tour. Horrible. 
Sadly many people get on airboats in the area and leave thinking they had a pretty good time Not Knowing they missed an Amazing Adventure with a fun and knowledgeable Captain operating in a amazingly rare location. 

Dont get fooled into the tourist trap backwoods ancient airboat tours. 

We are Number #1 for a reason !!! Our customers and Our knowledge!   

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